Selling Your Creations

              Even if Artists live for Art's Sake, their financial concerns are just as burdensome as everyone elses. In this issue there are two articles featured in this section that will help artists sell their art.
              The first is concerned with selling art when there is no original. This refers to digital artists, and I interviewed Jason Levesque to dish out the reality of this scenario.
The second article is by Ligaya Figueras giving tips to increase holiday sale.

Hope these help!

When There is No Original


Artists for Art's Sake: Tell me about your technique. Do you work all digital, or half and half?


Artists for Art's Sake: How do you sell physical artwork. Tell me what types of prints you do, and who makes them.


Artists for Art's Sake: Limited or Open Edition?


Artists for Art's Sake: Do you sell through galleries, conventions, the internet, or all of the ablove? Tell us how you market your prints.