Letter from the Editor


Dear Reader,

Ever found yourself wishing for a personal fashion designer to keep you updated on the latest fashion trends? Ever wanted your own chef who would help you discover the joys of fine dining? Fashion designers, chefs, architects, and even engineers are the experts of their respective fields. They are the people that shape it and are most knowledgeable about recent developments. Then who would you expect to be most informed about the art scene in America? Artists of America. And that’s where we come in.  Artists for Art's Sake will bring the latest scoop from the makers of the art world to any inquisitive mind longing to be a part of the art world.

Artists for Art's Sake is an online magazine to satisfy any ones appetite for Art in America. The contributing artists will change every month and range from men and women who have made their mark in the world of art to the new graduate from The School of the Art Institute. These artists will become writers to report on what love the most. Art. This includes current “fads” in art, the fanciest galleries and the not so fancy galleries that deserve a shot. They will talk about their experiences in trying to find an art gallery to showcase their work or their failure at doing so, reviews written by artists not art critics and sometimes we might even have an artist reviewing his own work, and the issues that are influencing them and the art available today.

This magazine will also provide artists with a platform to present their works. In every monthly issue, there can be up to 5 artists that can have pictures of their work put up in the magazine. However, any reader that gives the work consideration can rate it and review it anonymously on the blog. Galleries and museums can advertise in the magazines, and we will always consider special cases that cannot afford advertising. We will also have a section for individuals interested in buying and selling art work. We often go scavenger hunting for interesting shows and events and these will also be listed with details.

Here, at Artists for Art's Sake, we have something for everyone. Potential new artists for galleries and collectors, galleries and museum information for interested artists, and even if you are only an occasional visitor to museums we will have something to catch your fancy. This magazine is here to give you, the reader opinions from a different perspective that is often not heard and to make your voice be heard, whoever you may be and wherever you may come from.  You are always more than welcome to give suggestions or compliments, express any grievances that you might have and to tell us about what you would like to read more or less of.

Hope you enjoy our first issue! 



Ritu Doshi.

Editor, Artists for Art's Sake.